Trollbeads Power Dolphin Bead

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Trollbeads Power Dolphin Bead

  • Sterlingsølv kerne
  • Vægt 1,95g
  • Glas
  • Summer 2022
  • Bemærk venligst: Glas er et fantastisk materiale. Hver glasperle er håndlavet af rødglødende glas i åben ild, og ingen glasperler er nogensinde helt ens. Dette gælder størrelse, farve og mønster. Din perle er helt unik og kan have små variationer fra perlen på billedet.



The mightiest of all dolphins. Highly intelligent, powerful, and social.

This high-quality, handcrafted glass bead pictures an illustration of an Orca of the oceanic dolphin family in white and black. Underneath the Orca, a blended combination of the colours blue, camel and white represent the ocean and the beach. At the centre, a sterling silver core gives the perfect finishing touch.

This stunning bead is a great way to commemorate summer, a beach vacation or beach memories shared with the ones you love.

The Power Dolphin Bead makes us feel closer to nature, to the ocean, and the animals of the sea.