Trollbeads Dreams of Balance Necklace

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Forhandler Trollbeads
SKU: TSTNE-00003

Trollbeads Dreams of Balance Necklace

  • Sterlingsølv.
  • Gemstone: Hvid onyx, Sort rutileret kvarts og ferskvandsperler
  • Bemærk: Der følger ingen lås med.


Handcrafted gemstone necklace with Black Rutile Quartz, White Onyx and Freshwater Pearls.

Black Rutile Quartz is a powerful gemstone. It enhances your intuition and helps you to be emotionally stronger. This gemstone never lets you miss a chance! White Onyx is a volcanic rock that forms from magma, and it is mainly found in rocks in which it has formed. The gemstone brings balance to your mind, and it helps to keep our feet on the ground.